When Sugar Johnson comes to town

by Sugar Johnson

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Theme for an imaginary 1970s exploitation flick.

Sugar Johnson slowly rolling into town... Sunrise in the city with the train just passing through... We see Sugar Johnson stowed away on a boxcar steadily chugging along. No luggage, just a pistol tucked under her belt and a switchblade in her boot. She's just done a stint in the joint for a crime she didn't commit. You can see it in her eye, she's hellbent on revenge- so you better just get outta her way!

This song pretty much sums up the whole “movie.”
First she escapes from prison dodging bullets and running to catch the train, the characters are introduced, there's the action sequence in the middle is when she finally gets her revenge. Then she rides the train off into the sunset. Three minutes. Done.

The cast:

"Big Bunny" is Sugar's best friend. He's an ex Marine turned prize fighter who works nights as a cab driver. Total bad ass.

"The Wandering Jew" is the informant on the street who always knows what's going down in the neighborhood (for a small fee.) He's kind of a fink, but a good guy deep down, and he's on Sugars side.

"The Greaseball" is the head of the local crime syndicate. The bastard who had Sugar framed and sent to jail.

Sugar is out to get her revenge, but she's gonna need Bunny and the gang's help.




Shes back, shes ready to attack, so you’d better watch your back.

When Sugar Johnson comes to town
Them jive ass turkeys aint gonna know what hit em

This sisters got soul, shes on parole, and shes gonna put you 6 feet in a hole

Roosevelt Hightower as ‘Big Bunny’
Murray Rosenstein as ‘The Wandering Jew’
Vince Baggadonuts - as ‘The Greaseball’
and introducing: Ebony Jenkins as Sugar Johnson

When Sugar Johnson comes to town
Revenge is gonna be sweet

See it at a theater near you… If theres one left standing.

Rated R for ‘Right On.’



released July 29, 2016
Bass, guitar, percussion, train bell, drum machine programming, and lead narration = Jeff.
Backing vocals = Laura

Sound effects courtesy of Freesound[dot]org.
Thanks to users: Sailor55, Sunboy, Rock Savage, Ameslynn, Robinhood76, and Juan_merie_venter for other sounds used.




all rights reserved


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